Fall Professional Development

@ 02:00 PM

Ohio History Center

On a brisk Sunday afternoon in November, young professionals from United Way LINC and student mentors and mentees from the CRIS Community Connectors Program arrived at the Ohio History Center for an afternoon of games, cross-cultural exchange, and some professional development.

The young professionals ranged from ICU nurses to financial advisors to lawyers and more. Mentors from the Community Connectors Program were Ohio State and Franklin University students. Mentees were high school and middle school students living in Columbus after being relocated from all over the world. Mentees at the event were from Mexico, Syria, Jordan, Eritrea, Nepal, Bhutan, El Salvador, India, Burma, Guatemala, Nigeria, Mali, Kenya, Congo, Sudan, Djibouti, Iraq, Honduras, Brazil, and Somalia.

As people arrived, they were encouraged to view the Bhutanese-Nepali Neighbors exhibit of portraits of new Columbus citizens and their stories and experiences. Then, mentors, mentees and young professionals grouped up to explore the Ohio Village. Activities included games of croquet, drinking tea in the old American Hotel, trying to ride an "old-time" tricycle and walking into different shops. 

At the end of the afternoon, everyone came back inside the Ohio History Connection to enjoy a meal together from Himalayan Grill. Conversations ranged from talking about unordinary pets to how to prepare for a successful career. 

The Ohio History Connection provided for an amazing space of exploration and conversation as mentees, mentors, and young professionals enjoyed in a cross-cultural professional exchange.



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